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...DC's unique art space dedicated to visionary & psychedelic art.
Art by Abol Bahadori
We are very pleased to present a preview of works by DC-area visionary artist, Abol Bahadori. Abol will headline our opening show in spring 2022.
New Event - OCT 28
Join us for our first PSILO TALK
Oct 28, 2021, 7PM, live/streaming: Magic Mushrooms in D.C.: How Legal Are They Now, Really? With Dan Peterson, Esq.
In March 2021, in response to a successful voter initiative, the District of Columbia declared that laws restricting the use of plant and fungi medicines, such as magic mushrooms, would be made the lowest law enforcement priority....In this talk, Dan Peterson, a lawyer practicing in D.C., will address the current state of D.C. laws regarding plant and fungi medicines.


Cathedral Garden