Founded by Dr. Ted Achacoso and Larry Hall, the Psilo's approach to visionary art is to be inclusive of all visual art and artists that seek to share or enhance deep or alternative views of the universe and our existence in it.  But we want it to be a positive, uplifting experience -- there's enough stress in the air right now, we don't plan to add to that.  We're equally interested in professional artists and illustrators as we are in self-taught and outsider artists. 

Our initial inspiration came mostly from the No Spectators: The Art of Burning Man exhibit at The Renwick Gallery in Washington, D.C. as well as the vast collection at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore.  And we're finding new inspiration all the time!  One very thoughtful source of inspiration for our appreciation of psychedelic art is the book Juxtapoz: Psychedelic (link goes to the book 's listing on Amazon).  You can also read the book's foreword, by Hannah Stouffer, here.

This is not a white box gallery.  We like to experiment with color, configuration, and lighting - to include colored LED lights and various 2-D media that react to the changes in light.  Rather than just host "openings" we plan to grow a community around the the space, primarily catering to psychedelic interest and advocacy groups.  We will host meetings and mixers of like-minded people and connect them with art and artists they might appreciate.  

Please Note:  We acquired our new space on Barracks Row (8th Street SE, between G and I Streets) just before the pandemic.  The current situation has caused us to postpone any major shows until TBD; however, we will continue to host small events and to offer a continuous preview of our planned opening show.  Please check our Facebook page for the latest news and info including any preview events and artists' meetings leading up to our opening.