Lauren Going, LCSW-C, will lead a discussion of current microdosing topics at The Psilo (in person, Barracks Row in D.C., and via Zoom).



About this event


 This talk is in-person at The Psilo, also live streamed (registration is required thru EventBrite for either - space is limited - electronic ticket or Zoom link will be sent to registered participants).  A link to the recording should be posted on this page within a few days after the event.



The Psilo Presents: Microdosing 101 with Lauren Going, LCSW-C

Everything you’ve wanted to know about microdosing psilocybin mushrooms but didn’t know who to ask!


Disclaimer: This event is for entertainment and informational purposes only. The speaker will lead a discussion of current topics related to microdosing. Nothing presented in this event is to be taken as medical, legal, or psychological advice.  



If you are a mental health or wellness professional seeking information to help others or you are someone seeking alternatives for dealing with anxiety or depression or just feel stuck and are considering microdosing as a tool to move forward, this talk is for you. This is a live, in-person discussion and it will be live streamed on Zoom.

In this free talk we will explore:

    • What is microdosing of psychedelics?
    • What are the benefits?
    • How to do it safely
    • How to get the most out of your experience!



Lauren Going, LCSW-C is the owner and therapist at Baltimore city's first psychedelic therapy and wellness center- Inner Path Wellness. Lauren has had a longstanding interest and practice in working with those interested in healing with psychedelics. She has worked as an integration therapist for over a decade and is trained in psilocybin, mdma, and ketamine assisted therapy. One of her specialities is supporting clients on their microdosing journeys. You can read more here:

DATE AND TIME: Thursday evening, March 2, 2023, 7:00pm - 8:30pm. Space is limited and registration is required; please cancel if you cannot attend.  Please use the EventBrite button at the top right of this page to register.

COST: This event is free, however, we appreciate your support of The Psilo, which provides a private space for psychedelic community events. Contributions are welcome by cash, Zelle, Venmo, and various other methods posted at the check-in desk.  For continuing support, please visit our Patreon page here.

VENUE: The Psilo, which is a D.C. art space devoted to psychedelic art & education. Please note, registration thru EventBrite is required for either the in-person event or the Zoom call (please use button in the top right of this page), space is limited for both methods. Please cancel if you sign up and cannot attend.

LOCATION: 727-B 8th St SE, Washington, DC 20003 (near the Eastern Market metro.) This is a second-floor art space and in-person attendees must walk up a flight of stairs. Zoom information is provided thru EventBrite; select the live-stream ticket and the EventBrite invitation will be forwarded to you.

NOTICE: The Psilo is not a venue for selling or obtaining psychoactive substances. Please do not discuss sourcing or any illegal activity at this or any other Psilo event.




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